DLOX 5347

The DLOX 5347 has two superimposed locking mechanisms so that the tenant and bank locks are operated via a common keyhole. It differs from the DLOX 5367 only in the dimensions of the lock case. All safe deposit box locks in the DLOX series operate according to the 4-eyes principle.
Lock installation in door
With mounting plate
Fastening Lock
3 screw-on points
Lock bolt
Block bolt, die-cast zinc
Castle ceiling
Locking devices
Tenant lock: 7 latches
Bank lock: 4 latches
Theoretical number of codes
Tenant lock: > 250,000 codes
Bank lock: > 1,000 codes
Key labeling
Tenant key: Optionally with compartment number
Bank key: Bank lock
Item number Article description Key
Material / length / quantity
Lock incl. tenant key
Zinc die-cast / 62 mm / 2
Lock incl. tenant key
Zinc die-cast / 62 mm / 2
Subject number
Bank key
Steel / 65 mm / 1
Bank closure

Technical drawing

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Field of application

✓ Rental locker systems

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