ANCHOR 4300 - Keyless security for gun cabinets

In a landmark ruling on 30.08.2023, the Higher Administrative Court of North Rhine-Westphalia / Germany determined that the key to a gun cabinet must be stored just as securely as the gun itself. This court ruling affects gun owners throughout Germany, including hunters, sport shooters and other users of gun cabinets.

The Lock ANCHOR 4300 from WITTKOPP is the ideal solution for retrofitting gun cabinets.

Versatile customization options: ANCHOR 4300 can be installed on deadbolts for deadbolt locks as well as swingbolts. This versatility enables easy integration into various safe designs.

Simple installation: Thanks to patented long screw holes, installing the ANCHOR 4300 is particularly easy. During installation, the elongated holes serve to reduce the play between the lock bolt and the boltwork and make retrofitting much easier.

Convenient operation: Operating the ANCHOR 4300 is simple, reliable and customer-friendly.

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