Safe handles and escutcheons in stylish design

WITTKOPP's high-quality fittings complement the overall design of your safe.
Our safe handles combine aesthetic design with functional shaping, providing you with a secure grip when opening and closing the safe. With our keyhole escutcheons, the keyhole is discreetly covered to create a seamless and elegant appearance.


PREMIUM series

The PREMIUM series offers elegant and high-quality aluminum fittings. Handles and escutcheons are available in different surfaces. PREMIUM is optimally adapted to the keypads of the WITTKOPP safe locks PRIMOR and GATOR. Color differences have been avoided, the surfaces are exactly matched.

SELECT series

The SELECT fittings series emphasizes the use of plastic as the main material. The D-shape handle and escutcheon offer a considerable cost advantage while ensuring reliable functionality. The black color tone of SELECT has been carefully matched to the keypads of WITTKOPP's PRIMOR and GATOR safe locks.

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