Mechanical safe locks

A tradition of quality

The mechanical high-security locks from WITTKOPP impress with their sophisticated mechanics and durability. They are robust, low-wear and extremely reliable. The double-bit key, the trademark of the mechanical safe locks, stands for precise workmanship and special security. Whether you need a classic safe lock, a master key lock or a safe deposit box lock, the WITTKOPP product portfolio offers a comprehensive selection of mechanical lock systems
for private and commercial safe deposit boxes.

Criteria for selecting mechanical safe locks

OPTIMA series

With the OPTIMA series, you can quickly meet individual security requirements. From the installation situation and different bolt variants to specific key lengths and the desired number of keys - everything can be adapted to your needs. OPTIMA locks are extremely versatile and can be easily integrated into cabinets up to security level II.

CABLOX series

CABLOX locks are characterized by their flexibility and simple installation. They can be mounted either on a boltwork or a mounting plate in the cabinet door. The special feature is that they can be fixed with just 2 screw-on points and still offer reliable 3-sided locking for cabinets up to security level V.

SAFELOX series

The SAFELOX series combines the classic WITTKOPP safe locks of classes 1 / A to 3 / C. These locks are specially designed for use on boltworks and meet the highest security requirements. Today, they are used in a wide range of applications, including safes, ATMs, cash recyclers and vault doors.

Series IVOX

The IVOX series impresses with its precise and well thought-out design, which makes it possible to use an identical lock case for different certification classes. Regardless of whether you install an IVOX Lock of class 1 / A, 2 / B or 3 / C, the lock case always retains the same dimensions. The IVOX locks not only impress with their first-class workmanship, but also with their attractive design, which is perfectly matched to the solid IVOX keys.


MASTERLOX locks are specially developed for master key systems and function according to a higher-level opening principle. With this system, they offer an efficient and secure solution for complex locking hierarchies. The heart of the system is the master key, which opens and closes every Lock in a system as the higher-level key in the locking hierarchy. This means that authorized persons have access to all lockers within the system with the master key. In contrast, the user key only operates the Lock or compartment assigned to it. This assignment enables a clear demarcation of access rights and ensures a high level of security during use.

DLOX series

WITTKOPP safe deposit box locks prove themselves every day in the safe deposit box systems of financial institutions. With their focus on security and reliability, they offer optimum protection for tenants' valuables. A special feature of DLOX locks is the
4-eyes principle: when the lock is opened, both a responsible person from the bank and the tenant of the safe deposit box are always involved.

COMLOX series

The robust COMLOX locks are mainly used as bascule locks. With their wide bolt, which locks directly, they offer the perfect solution for inner compartments and simple secure storage units. In addition to the standard model, the COMLOX 1639 offers increased security thanks to an electrical opening delay and release time.


The TRIALOX combines a strong latch with a strong look. Suitable for direct closure, the Lock can be quickly and easily welded into the secure storage unit using the TRIALOX mounting plate.


The RELOX is a convertible and certified safe lock solution that allows you to easily and flexibly adjust the key settings at any time. Whether from the outside or the inside, you always have the option of changing the Lock to new keys and optimally adapting your security requirements. With RELOX, you are always in control of access to your secure storage unit.

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