ANCHOR 7000 - efficiency and safety in hybrid

The hybrid lock system ANCHOR 7000 combines advanced electronics and proven mechanics in an ideal way. The latest member of the ANCHOR product family thus offers both the efficiency of an electronic motorized lock and the security of a mechanical key lock. Even in emergency scenarios, the conventional key lock can be used quickly without the need for time-consuming cable laying or dismantling of the fitting.

The two locking mechanisms are integrated in a compact lock case with a low overall height and standard installation dimensions. This enables quick system installation and makes ANCHOR 7000 equally attractive for both initial fitting and retrofitting.

The lock system has extensive software with a wide range of functions. Up to nine users and one master can use individual access codes to open the secure storage unit. In addition, features such as the instant opening code, the dual control principle or the opening delay time enable customized control.

ANCHOR 7000 is certified to EN 1300 B and can be used in secure storage units up to grade V.

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