PRIMOR SI - Security in the SpotLIGHT

We have expanded our product range with an innovative input unit. The new keypad PRIMOR SI offers numerous advantages and meets the highest security standards.

Particularly noteworthy are the backlit keys of the PRIMOR SI, which allow effortless code entry even in unfavorable lighting conditions. Additionally, intelligent LED status indicators ensure a particularly user-friendly lock operation.

The battery compartment is accessible from the outside, allowing for easy battery replacement. If necessary, emergency power can be supplied via two external contact points. Despite the illumination function, power consumption is low, requiring only a standard 9-volt block battery.

The keypad provides a pleasant tactile feedback and features an abrasion-resistant labeling. Available in satin chrome and black surface, the PRIMOR SI perfectly complements the visual style of the safe. The extremely simple installation ensures that you can quickly benefit from the advantages of this keypad.

The PRIMOR SI expands the portfolio of the PRIMOR and ANCHOR lock series, demonstrating our flexibility in innovative keypads. With its quality, reliability, and modern design, the PRIMOR SI seamlessly integrates into these series. It is the perfect addition to meet security requirements.

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