Power supply

With the GATOR 3000 / 3010 / 3011 locks, the power supply is provided in the

  • Battery operation or
  • Mains operation (prerequisite GatorPOWER ADAPT) or
  • External operation e.g. via intruder alarm system (prerequisite GatorSIGNAL+)


With the GATOR 6000 / 8000 / 9000 locks, the power supply is provided in the

  • Mains operation (requires GatorPOWER 12 and GatorSIGNAL+) or
  • External operation, e.g. via intruder alarm system (prerequisite: GatorSIGNAL+ signal box)

Features & Articles

Adapter box GatorPOWER ADAPT
With GatorPOWER ADAPT, GATOR locks can be connected to the external power supply.

Article number:
Article description: Adapter box GatorPOWER ADAPT, power supply unit 9VDC/2A, system cable

GatorSIGNAL+ signal box The VdS-certified GatorSIGNAL+ blocking element is used to exchange signals between a GATOR Lock and a third-party system. If, for example, the code for a silent alarm is entered in Lock , this alarm signal is forwarded to the intruder alarm system (IAS) via GatorSIGNAL+. If the Lock is not supplied via the intruder alarm system, the 12VDC/2A plug-in power supply GatorPOWER 12 is required.
Article number: G-SIGNAL-PLUS
Article description: GatorSIGNAL+ signal box, system cable


Other products in the series



Due to a higher power requirement, the redundant GATOR locks cannot be operated with batteries. The push-pull block bolt of these locks requires the use of bolt mechanism position switches and therefore excludes the use of the adapter box.

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