The OPTIMA 2608 lock system is characterized by a modular design based on the building block principle. This versatile system offers four different lock platforms and three Lock Covers, which can be flexibly combined with each other. The multifunctional Lock Covers are not only an integral part of the lock system but also simplify and speed up installation. A further feature of the OPTIMA 2608 is the additional base, which enables the secure storage unit to be locked on three sides.

Lock installation in door
With lock cover for welding or screwing on
Fastening lock platform
4 screw-on points
Lock bolt
Flat deadbolt, galvanized steel
Tamper protection
Scanning and breakdown protection
Locking devices
Theoretical number of codes
> 800.000 (Specification EN 1300 / VdS 2396: 25,000 codes)

Lock platforms

Lock platform P1

✓ 2 bolt holes for fastening fastening of an angle bar

Lock platform P2

✓ 1 bolt hole for coupling and for drive of a locking mechanism

Lock platform P3

✓ Angled transom for welding on an angled strip

Lock platform P4

✓ Transom with welded-on angle bar

Lock Covers

Castle ceiling D1

✓ For welding on
✓ Drill protection plate serves additional protection against tampering

Castle ceiling D2

✓ For welding on

Castle ceiling D3

✓ For screwing on
✓ Lock cover and platform -platform are screwed together on the door

Item number Article description Key
Material / length / quantity
Platform P1 incl. key
Zinc die-cast / 65 mm / 2
Platform P2 incl. key
Zinc die-cast / 65 mm / 2
Platform P3 incl. key
Zinc die-cast / 65 mm / 2
Platform P4 incl. key
Zinc die-cast / 65 mm / 2
Lock cover D1 for welding on
Lock cover D2 for welding on
Lock cover D3 for screwing on
Bascule (2-piece)

Installation and operating instructions

Technical drawing


VdS class 1

A2P level A

IMP Class A

Other products in the series


✓ EN 1300 A
✓ VdS Class 1
✓ A2P level A
✓ IMP Class A


Field of application

Safety cabinets according to
EN 11450 S1, S2

Safes according to
EN 1143-1 Grade 0 - II

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