REMOTE 3000 / 3010 / 3011

The REMOTE with deadbolt is released either by an impulse or a permanent voltage. The spring-loaded deadbolt is retracted and extended again by a motor. If the boltwork is still in the open position when the deadbolt is extended, the suspension ensures that the Lock is not damaged. Thanks to this integrated overload protection, separate deadbolt position switches are not required.

The locks are available in REMOTE and REMOTE Advanced versions:

  • REMOTE locks have a potential-free contact interface. This allows the lock statuses Open / Closed or the bolt position to be queried.
  • REMOTE Advanced locks also have RS485, RS232 or Wiegand serial interfaces. The corresponding protocols are transferred to the Lock via the appropriate serial interfaces.
Bolt drive
Motorized drive - 2.5 N
Bolt design
Spring-loaded deadbolt, 2 M4 threads
Standard mounting dimensions, 4 screw-on points
Installation positions
Right / Left / Top / Bottom
Supply voltage
9 - 12 VDC
Screw terminal strip, 10-pin
Emergency lock connection
- REMOTE 3010: short connection for horizontal installation

- REMOTE 3011: long connection for vertical installation
3010 / 3011
A mechanical emergency lock provides assistance if the REMOTE Lock can no longer be opened, for example in the event of a power failure.
The two locks are connected to each other via an unlocking slide. In an emergency, the bolt of the REMOTE lock is retracted by opening the mechanical lock (inspection lock). The REMOTE 3010 or 3011 is thus deliberately mechanically overridden with the key and can be opened again.
Item number Article description
REMOTE 3000 - potential-free contacts
REMOTE 3010 - short connection, potential-free contacts
REMOTE 3011 - long connection, potential-free contacts
REMOTE Advanced 3000 - RS232 serial interface
REMOTE Advanced 3010 - short connection, serial interface RS232
REMOTE Advanced 3011 - long connection, serial interface RS232
REMOTE Advanced 3000 - RS485 serial interface
REMOTE Advanced 3010 - short connection, serial interface RS485
REMOTE Advanced 3011 - long connection, serial interface RS485
Emergency lock OPTIMA N2618 - Double-bit key, die-cast zinc, 95 mm

*XX = Project number, determined by WITTKOPP

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Field of application

Applications in which a simple locking element or a lock for external controls is required





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