SECURITY 2022 in Essen.

New developments for SECURITY 2022.

At SECURITY 2022, the Velbert-based company CARL WITTKOPP is presenting a whole package of new and further developments of the various Lock series.
At the same time, products for a wide range of target markets will be discussed and presented this year. The focus here is on solutions for the target groups OEM (safe manufacturers/retailers), banks and retail chains/branch stores.
WITTKOPP will also be presenting a very special highlight at the world's leading trade fair for security products:  

ANCHOR 7000 - highest quality with multiple applications

ANCHOR 7000 is an electronic, self-locking motorized lock in combination with a mechanical emergency lock - both locks in one housing with an installation depth of only 30 mm. The new ANCHOR software generation also offers a wide range of software variants in one product. All in all, a real highlight that will revolutionize the safe market!
ANCHOR 7000 is certified up to lock class 2 and is therefore suitable for use with safes and secure storage units up to grade V (in accordance with EN 1143-1 / VdS 2450).
Further new developments of the ANCHOR- and PRIMOR-series will be presented to the public for the first time in Essen. These include the A-2600 and the P-2600 - Both "deadbolt" lock variants, which are also suitable for use on smaller secure storage units.
Even though the housings of the Lock types are similar, the technical features of the product families are different. The PRIMOR family covers the classic market requirements for safe locks while ANCHOR is breaking new, future-oriented ground. This can be seen, for example, in a digital interface that creates the technical prerequisites for applications such as apps, displays or remote maintenance, or the combination of different software variants in one Lock - to name just two key features.
The WITTKOPP portfolio of swing bolt locks (Swingbolt) is complemented by the new P-1600 extended.
Of course, the WITTKOPP stand will also feature the biometric systems that have proven themselves on the market. FinKey BT (with APP connection) and GATOR BioScan and are available for "live testing" by interested parties.
Another special "eye-catcher" is the new display keyboard GATOR DSwhich will also be presented at SECURITY. GATOR DS complements the portfolio of the GATORLock series with a powerful and elegantly designed display keypad with magnetic closure.

GATOR DS - optimum handling, design and functionality

GATOR DS takes a new approach to code entry: The digits 0 to 9 are shown on the display and must be confirmed with the buttons above and below them. To prevent spying on finger movements when entering the code, the digits are always displayed in a different order. The finger movements are therefore always different.
The display is equipped with an additional privacy filter. This means that codes cannot be spied out by unauthorized persons. The externally accessible battery allows the battery to be changed quickly without compromising the security of the secure storage unit.

R3 - the new WITTKOPP keypad for all electronic series

As a further highlight, WITTKOPP will be presenting at the trade fair with R3 a particularly high-quality keypad variant that can be used as a fixed keypad, rotating input unit or combined bolt mechanism actuation. R3 is currently in pre-series and will round off the WITTKOPP product portfolio from the 1st quarter of 2023.
In addition to the WITTKOPP innovations, the Lock systems are now available for the first time. TULOX, SWINGLOX, IVOX and RELOX also presented products from the former STUV portfolio. WITTKOPP took over the STUV safe lock division two years ago and has now completed the integration of the products into the company in time for the trade fair. At SECURITY in Essen, WITTKOPP will once again impressively demonstrate its capabilities as a leading company in the industry.

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