GATOR 6000 / 8000 / 9000

The aim of a redundant lock system is to increase the functional reliability and fail-safety of the system. In the redundant locks of the GATOR series, all security-relevant components are therefore designed twice.

According to the "2 in 1" principle, each Lock contains two systems that work completely in parallel. One active system processes the current request, e.g. opening or keyboard command, and the other system runs in standby mode. In the event of a fault, the standby system then takes over the tasks of the active system. Maximum reliability is guaranteed.

The push-pull block bolt of the GATOR 6000 / 8000 / 9000 locks is retracted by a motor and works with an external bolt position contact to control the extension process. With an impressive push and pull force of 30 N, this deadbolt offers high performance. The bolt stroke is infinitely adjustable and can be varied between 9 and 15 mm as required.

Bolt drive
Motorized drive - 30 N
Bolt design
Push-pull deadbolt, 2 holes
Bolt lift
Infinitely adjustable from 9 to 15 mm
Standard mounting dimensions, 4 screw-on points
Installation positions
Right / Left / Top / Bottom
Power supply
- Mains operation (prerequisite: GatorPOWER 12 power supply unit and GatorSIGNAL+ signal box)

- External operation, e.g. via intruder alarm system (Prerequisite: GatorSIGNAL+ signal box)
Lock operation
- Single lock operation (stand-alone)

- Multi-lock operation (networked, up to 15 locks)

- Redundant operation (up to 3 locks)
50 codes per Lock
2-digit PIN (= personal identification number) + 6 / 8-digit code (= personal user code depending on lock class)
Access authorizations are defined by assigning the codes to profiles
Activate / deactivate profile
False code lock
4-eyes principle*
4 opening delay time windows (1 - 99 min)
4 Opening release time window (1 - 15 min)
Bypass opening delay
Time lock
5 individual time programs*
30 blocking days*
Automatic summer/winter time changeover
Remote lock**
Silent alarm*/**
Bolt position indicator**
Audit - 1,000 events with date and time*
Battery monitoring
Automatic locking
System function test
Note: The GatorSELECT software offers the option of customizing the functions described above
* Prerequisite: GatorSELECT software
** Prerequisite: GatorSIGNAL+ connection box
We sell the redundant locks GATOR 6000 / 8000 / 9000 as a set together with input unit and connection box.
Please ask us for the set article number.
Item number Article description
GatorSIGNAL+ signal box, system cable
Power supply unit 12VDC/2A for signal box GatorSIGNAL+
TCP/IP converter
GatorGATEWAY network box, 9VDC/2A power supply unit, system cable
GatorSELECT configuration software (download), GatorAUDIT audit software (download),

iButton reader, iButton, USB adapter, Y adapter, system cable
GatorAUDIT audit software (download), iButton reader, iButton, USB adapter, Y adapter, system cable

Other products in the series



GATOR 6000
✓ EN 1300 B
✓ VdS class 2

GATOR 8000
✓ EN 1300 C
✓ VdS Class 3
✓ IMP Class C

GATOR 9000
✓ EN 1300 D
✓ VdS class 4

Field of application

GATOR 6000
Secure storage units according to
EN1143-1 Grade 0 - V

GATOR 8000
Secure storage units according to
EN1143-1 Grade 0 - XII

GATOR 9000
Secure storage units according to
EN1143-1 Grade 0 - XIII

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