ANCHOR 7000 is a hybrid lock system that combines advanced electronics with proven mechanics. The patented system provides both the efficiency of an electronic motor lock and the security of a mechanical key lock. Even in emergency scenarios, the conventional key lock can be quickly accessed without the need for complex cable repositioning or fitting disassembly.

Both locking mechanisms are integrated in a compact lock case with a low profile and standard mounting dimensions. This enables a quick system installation, making ANCHOR 7000 equally suitable for initial installations and retrofits.

Hybrid: Electronic and mechanical locking mechanism
Bolt drive
Motor drive - 2.5 N
Bolt design
Spring-loaded deadbolt, 2 holes
Standard mounting dimensions, 3 screw-on points
Mounting positions
Right / Top / Bottom
Lock case
Surface treated
Lock cover
Tamper protection
Scanning and puncture protection
Plug connection
1 x terminal, 2 x Molex PICO-SPOX
Power supply
- Battery operation

- External operation e.g. via burglar alarm system (requirement: GatorSIGNAL+ signal box)


The ANCHOR 7000 is equipped with 3 different interfaces:
Port 1: Alarm interface
  • Within the VdS scope: Suitable for connection of a signal box. GatorSIGNAL+ accessory required (available separately).
  • Outside the VdS scope: Intended for direct connection of an alarm syste

Port 2: Analog interface

  • Enables connection of all analog input units of the PRIMOR series

Port 3: Serial interface (UART)

  • Enables the configuration of the lock and the read out of the lock audit. The DataCONNECT interface cable is required for use (available separately). The necessary software is available in the download area.
  • In addition, the serial interface enables digital communication with various input units such as touch screens or RFID readers (outside the VdS scope). The use of this digital communication not only allows remote control and monitoring of the lock, but also establishes the foundation for future expansions and developments.
User codes
Master codes
Instant opening code
Operation blocking
Wrong try penalty
Dual mode
Time delay
1 - 99 min
Opening window
1 - 19 min
Silent alarm*
Remote blocking*
Audit - with date and time**
- Operation using code and key is audited

- Storage of the last 60 opening events in the VdS audit

- Logging of the last 2,500 operations in the extended audit
Battery monitoring
* Prerequisite in the VdS area of validity: GatorSIGNAL+ signal box
** Requirement: AnchorSELECT software (available in downloads from 01/2024) and DataCONNECT interface cable
Article number Article description Key
Material / Length / Number
Lock ANCHOR 7000 incl. key / system cable
Die-cast zinc / 170 mm / 1
DataCONNECT interface cable set
Signal box GatorSIGNAL+, system cable
Power supply 12VDC/2A for signal box GatorSIGNAL+

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✓ EN 1300 B
✓ VdS Class 2

Application area

Safes according to
EN1143-1 grade 0 - V



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